Excellent fragrance like a Muscat, sharp dryness and clean finish. Suggested food pairing: Teba gyoza, Satsuma Age Cheese, Ika Geso Karaage and Hiroshimi Kaki Fried Alc: 16.5% | Origin: YAMAGATA | SMV: +3 720 ml – $ 100 1800 ml – $ 230

Gentle yet elegant ginjo nose with hints of spices. And a delicately flavoured palate followed by a clean finish. Suggested food pairing: Kurobuta Kakuni Potato Ankake, Shake Harami Yuzu Shiokyaki, Kurobuta Niku No Hoho Alc: 15% | Origin: NIIGATA | SMV: +6 720 ml – $ 80 1800 ml – $ 180

Wonderful nose of cherry blossoms as well as the palat. Light and crips with a clean tail. Suggested food pairing: Kaisen Salad, Japan Tomato Salad, Jikasei Ankimo Tofu, En Kaisen Don Alc: 15% | Origin: YAMAGATA | SMV: +5 720 ml – $ 80 1800 ml – $ 200

A wonderful type of Junmai shu using Akebno rice that is polished to 60%. It has rich umami taste with an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness. Soft feeling with a pleasant, clean aroma in the background. Dry with a comforting kick in the middle. Ends up very smooth retaining its well balance flavor. Suggested […]

This popular Ginjo has unique spicy nose of apples and roasted nuts, and this aroma translates over into the taste profile. It is obviously well built, as the consistency is overwhelming from first sip to the non-existent ending. Classic Niigata style brewing means that Hakkaisan has a superbly clean mouth texture and a whisper finish […]